Welcome to TECHGIO

We design, manufacture and sell a variety of products and services. Our core competences within electronics, embedded software and mechanical development enable us to design a product from idea to finished prototype, and even small series productions.  For us there are no shortcuts or half solutions. The products that we sell in our webshop is our own designs and produced locally in Denmark. This way we know the product we sell and we known it is able to live up to our high expectations. Our products are not only extensively tested during the development phase, but each individual product is also thoroughly tested by TECHGIO personnel before being released for sale. For us there is nothing more important than a satisfied customer, and we firmly believe that service is much more than just a 7 letter word.

– Axel Handrup
Founder of TECHGIO


  1. Hi Pal.

    All the best wishes for this site.
    To everybody else. The BEC-regulators that will be on this site is worth waiting for. The fit perfectly in any modern DLG/ F3K-plane!

  2. Congratulation on the new website. Nice and easy to use and navigate.

    Love your regulators, they makes life so much easier and you will never again stress wondering if there is enough power left in the battery while flying. Love the feature with bibs indicating roughly how much is left in the battery when you power it on.

  3. Thank you for these regulators. They work great in my dlgs. Really like the new battery status beeps in the new version.

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